SO IMPRESSED with A/W 2008. W-taps is known for their detailed replicas of army inspired garments. Every season they tend to stray into other realms yet always keeping their identity. You can see the heavy inspiration from American pastimes. For me, this royal blue, rebel type biker inspired leather is very nice. Normally I would never look twice at something like that, but here, I was completely captured. This season, like others, they offer an extensive line from apparel as well as accesories, never leaving anything behind. Collaborations with Wacko Maria, Magical Design, and ofcourse, Porter.

word to Highsnobiety for the preview.

CLICK HERE for the rest of the looks…


One Response to “DUB-TAPS. A/W 08.”

  1. Dope writeup, love that pic of the Acne Leather jacket right there. I also wrote up that jacket at http://www.elevatedsky.com/?p=616 on my site.

    I was wondering if you wanted to get down with a Blogroll exchange. I have added your blog, but i hope you add mine too!


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