NFL Fantasy Files 2008

In light of the beginning of the NFL Season I thought I’d display the new NFL Fantasy Files vids.
This shit can’t be real.

Chris Cooley

Laurence Maroney

Mason Crosby

Chris Chambers

For the 2007 Vids Check the flipside.

Jason Campbell

Marques Colston

Marc Bulger

Andre Johnson

David Akers

Mike Nugent


5 Responses to “NFL Fantasy Files 2008”

  1. already scooped up colston for my fantasy this year.

  2. goodness. i saw the cooley joint, but not all of these! thank you.

  3. sick flicks…. probably the best way to market the fantasy…. chris chambers video had to much swagg in it

  4. these guys are hands down are examples of what the nfl is about. these shts are sick

  5. Thank you . you can see NFL fans shop

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