Sample Nike Flight 89 Boots

These have been in the trunk since last December, thanks to some good friends.

Last winter season we all saw the Air Max 90 Boot hit shelves in various colors.

This fall season Nike will be going in with the classic Flight 89 silhouette, but with a twist…

Nike Flight 89 Boot

Nike Flight 89 Boot

Nike Flight 89 Boot 2

Nike Flight 89 Boot 2

The AM90 boots were great due to the comfort aspect brought to the boot.

These are surprisingly just as comfortable, making them a must have for this winter season.

Hopefully Nike will be blessing us with some dope colorways.

What do all my real mango juice drinkers think?


13 Responses to “Sample Nike Flight 89 Boots”

  1. Not feeling these at all.

  2. Idk, I like the considereds more than any other but yeahhh.. I agree w/maada

  3. what aren’t yall feeling about them?

  4. ayo mufuckas! raise your cups because today is my mufuckin birthday!

  5. Slamsworth Says:

    whats next waffle trainer / AF1 / nike street hockey..(so og lol) / Goadomes….. imo nike needs to stop doin these fuckin hybrids….. period

  6. Slamsworth Says:

    happy slam day capo u janker

  7. These are actually not that bad.

  8. yeah these shits suck…something about the toebox does NO justice for me. I like the Air Max boots because 85% of the design was boot and the other 15% were Air Max inspired.
    im SOOO throwing up the Nike street hockey Jams!!!! SOOOO OG!!!!

  9. capokhang Says:

    nike is making hybrids cuz bammas can only afford 1 pair of shoes.

  10. damn i forgot about those hockey shoes. i got made fun of for rockin those back when but i just shrugged that shit off. these 89 boots are stupid. i want to make a bonfire out of all the hybrids and rehashes nike has forced down our throats

  11. Slamsworth Says:


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