RMJ Feature: A muthafuckin P

Straight outta North East DC…

Montana Avenue born and raised…

and a resident to this day…

RMJ is proud to present…AP

My good homie Dre presented this cat in the earlier weeks of July, and sent RMJ a few emails regarding the DC native rapper. Although we, for the most part, are friendly to Wale, X.O., Oddisse, Judah, ect. just to name a few we appreciate in the DMV, we would like to be an outlet for any artist up and coming that we feel is doing some serious shit.

This dude AP though…is a fucking (excuse my language) problem. According to our sources this dude is making some moves that we wont speak on just yet. We are not going to speak for him though, let the music tell it…AND IF YOU LISTEN TO ANYTHING, LISTEN TO FUCK YOU…PLEASE. lol

I Am So DC

Mamma Said

Better Then I ever Been



We would like everyone’s honest opinion and feedback on the homie.




All I know is, there are a lot of rappers coming out of hiding these days and making the DMV scene stronger then before. If there is shit like this in the streets, niggas need to step their game the fuck up FOR REAL!!!

New works from AP coming soon…so be on the lookout!!! BIG SHOUTS to PLUG ENT. for allowing us to bless the world with some new shit…

and remember where you heard it first.



9 Responses to “RMJ Feature: A muthafuckin P”

  1. Dope. Real dope

  2. He’s sick, he gotta myspace??

  3. Big Homie Says:

    Yea I heard of this cat’s music awhile ago. Kid is definitely nice [ll]

    It’s good to see some real talent ouf of the DMV area.

  4. whoa.. did’t expect actaul talent from another local… hahah.. Seems like DC has been bitten by the hip hop bug. He’s official. I’d download his album.

  5. AP x Overok exclusives coming soon!

  6. “Fuck You” was produced by Shaka BTW.

  7. AP is a freaking beast wow

  8. Dude is ready for the world. A.P., if you are reading this, could we get an album please?

  9. Chris NE301 .::301::. Says:

    he a beast
    good music

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