Rhymefest – Stolen/Spike&Nas

Yup, I frequent Kanye’s blog, and every now and then I stumble upon a few gems I think most people completely look over. Today’s coverage was pretty dope. VERY VERY VERY UNDERRATED, Rhymefest, has a new single out along with a very thought out video, supporting his recent visit to London. Words from his experience:

For those who appreciate music with both soul and social commentary,
this video will offer an intriguing look into the lives of people who
suffer from genocide, starvation and war. It was very important for me
to make this song after my travels to London where I had an
opportunity to speak to a former child soldier from Sierra Leone. If
you listen to the song, I document that conversation. I am sure you
will find it as fascinating as I did. In an industry that is dominated
by the replication of whatever the last club banger was, this song and
video come from unadulterated inspiration provided by the trials of life.

I love everything about this concept, very powerful and done properly. I love the song, i feel the content, the production by Kanye’s higher, NO I.D. I love how everything flows, how the content doesn’t drown out the music. For me, I love music, but many times when people tie in “real life” or politics into music, it drowns out the fact that it is, STILL music and no longer does it have that same feel. Just my $0.02

comment your feelings on the video, artist, content…whatever…


This picture spoke many words upon viewing it. Nas and Spike Lee Photo shoot for The Source.

word to Kanye West Blog


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