Props to Elitaste and Crackberry for the vid.

Can’t wait for R.I.M/AT&T to hurry and release this, my 8800 is BANGED out.

In related news,  Dr. Rebel, and a team of psychologists performed studies on the new epidemic hitting the states by storm, Text Messaging Syndrome.

Released to press on the 21st of July of 2008, Dr. Rebel and a team of psychologists indicate that Text Messaging Syndrome can lead to poor posture as well as worsen ones communication skills.

The results were directly tied to the human tendency to lean forward while texting, hence the poor posture. And the worsened communication skills is due to the fact, we humans use non-verbal communication as 90% of our communication and with Text Messaging Syndrome that number can shockingly increase to numbers as high as 95%.

Can you imagine 95% of your communication being non-verbal?

I personally dont agree, being a txt freak, but interesting studies/results none-the-less.

Feel free to discuss, I’m sure Dr. Rebel will chime in.


2 Responses to “CAN YOU PLEASE HURRY R.I.M?”

  1. co-sign. my curve has been thru the wire like kanye. it looks like what craig mack would like like if he was a cellular device.

  2. LMFAOOOOOOOO. Your such an ASS!!!!

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