SO, mad I missed this one. I am sure you all remember RMJ giving you the ILL footage of the WALE x 10DEEP Mixtape release party a few weeks ago, a party if I might add that was BANANAS with many dope attendees. Just recently, Kid Cudi X 10DEEP Mixtape release party went down and was captured by Donte Ross. If you dont know who that man is, google dude. lol. N e way, RMJ is congradulating Kid Cudi on a what it seems to be, successful party. As for right now, WALE and Cudi are making ALOT OF NOISE in the industry, for us spacifically. We hope the best for those two.

Kid Cudi & Kanye

is that Mr. West? Word…

word to Dante Ross by way of SlamxHype



  1. Yep. Mr. West was there. Pharrell was round the corner @ CiPrianis with 6 model chics @ his table.

    Seen your guy Judah out there as well politicin tuff!!!

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