Review: The Dark Knight Kills!

Dark Knight

I’m usually not too fond of writing reviews for anything, nevertheless films, but damn it “The Dark Knight” deserves it.
Heath Ledger definitely executed a damn near perfect role playing the joker. Oscar nomination, Best Supporting/Lead Actor, hopefully? Christian Bale played an acceptable Batman role and Aaron Eckert doesn’t disappoint as Harvey Dent/Two-Face. Director Christopher Nolan has raised the bar for superhero movies and has annihilated any hopes of the previous Batman movies to be on the same level as the latest installment.
Some reviewers have even deemed this as the best superhero movie of ALL time. I have yet to make that premature judgement after only being less than 7 hours removed from seeing the film. But I wouldn’t be surprised if I conclude with that bold statement as well.
Overall, this movie receives:
Two Glasses Up
5 Sips
10 out of 10 Gulps.
Purely dope.

Next DC Comic Movie, Watchmen, set to drop in 2009 looks ridiculously ill as well.
Trailers for Watchmen and Terminator Salvation on the flipside.

For those who can’t wait to see Two-Face I have included a pic of him after the jump as well. DON’T SCROLL DOWN ON THE FOLLOWING PAGE IF YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE THE SPOILER PIC!


Terminator Salvation

Two-Face Pic Below



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