I remember when Zack Blatt’s Cosby Clothing first surfaced in 2006 (for me) when I witnessed the “I Heart Project Pat” tee. Man, that one tee won me over instantly. Was it because I was an avid appreciator of the down south duo, or was it because Cosby followed up with some ill shit behind that tee? It was both! Also, Zack is a really cool dude and I know that off email convo. trying to figure out where their line was dropping. Dope clothes and ill personality, cant beat that. Cosby is back with a new collection by the title of “Still Creep’in.” New tees taking cues from horror flicks, still keepings it OG with their classic “I Heart…” tee as well as the “Lumberjack” flannel.


I freakin LOVE these tee’s man…lol

Sad I dont have my Project Pat tee any longer…I might have to hit them up with an e-mail to see if they have any laying around. I need those two up top, + the 3-6-Mafia and Project Pat tee.

visit these cats at Cosby Clothing


2 Responses to “Cosby.”

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  2. bobbiex Says:

    wow, i actually remember this line and thought it was pretty ill of them to do that project pat tee. def feeling that pusha t & malice one. good looks with this post.

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