Upcoming dates.

Doing my daily browse during some downtime at my 9-5. I stopped by the homies at The Couch Sessions to see whats new in the music world. I happened to stumble upon a post about the upcoming shows in the area. I am clearly not on my shit because its today I am finding out that there are some GREAT shows underway.

1st up.

Gnarls Barkley @ 9:30 :: 8/5

I am EXTREMELY excited about this one. Thats all I really wanted to speak on truthfully. They are the only artist I have been wanting to see in concert. Here are a few other acts.

July 7th – Seun Kuti & Egypt 80, 9:30 Club
July 8th – Rza As Bobby Digital Feat. Stone Mecca, 9:30 Club
July 11th – Platinum Pied Pipers, Black Cat
July 16th – DJ Shadow, 9:30 Club
July 18th – Clipse, Club Five
July 19th – George Clinton And Parliament Funkadelic, 9:30 Club
July 25th – Anthony David, Black Cat
July 28th – MGMT, 9:30 Club

Also, in September:
Sept 21st – Mos Def Big Band, Kennedy Center

I would not mind seeing Mos Def again as well…cant wait.

info word to The Couch Sessions


One Response to “Upcoming dates.”

  1. See you at…
    +Dj Shadow
    +George Clinton
    +Mos Def
    +Gnarls Barkley

    =Hella good times


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