Nas – Hero feat. Keri Hilson

Dope Beat.
Dope Song.
Dope Vid.
Dope Keri Hilson.


4 Responses to “Nas – Hero feat. Keri Hilson”

  1. garbaaaaaage.

    Im not feeling this “gone mainstream” Nas.
    the last album was staggering at the thresh hold yet remained solid, but this pushed him right through…

    hope the ablum isnt like this.

  2. brad piff Says:

    Can Nas get luv just on the fact that he’s ill?

    He needs “mainstream” too…and I done heard countless songs on the radio that’s worse than this. Nas has to be the only rapper in creation to be damned if he do, damned if he don’t.

    I’ve been supporting godson…& I’ma continue.

    Fuck that Souljah Boy shit!

  3. dj stop hatin Says:

    Nas was hot b4 lil wayne started rippin hiphop into tiny little pieces.
    And what are you talkin about, Soulja boy had a bigger hit than Nas could ever dream of.

  4. JuSoSick Says:

    This song is an anthem baby. Play this shit before you hit the court or before you step out the whip to bag bitches…WaVy Oww!

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