Recovery time…8 weeks.

Ok. One thing that intrigues me the most in life, are creative minds. I don’t know why, but im driven heavily off other peoples creativity. I can derive a completely new concept of anything, all from the likes of someone else’s creativity. I become filled with inspiration, and at that point, you cant tell me shit. lol N e who, I am very fond of the independent advertisement agency by the name of Wieden + Kennedy. Call me a nerd, but when I find beauty in any type of work, I make it a personal goal to find out the mind behind it. W+K works with companies across the globe giving brands a new face every execution. Having an extensive client list along side working with powerhouses such as Nike, Coca-Cola, ESPN, Visa, Target, and my favorite Jordan brand, W+K is no stranger to pushing the envelope with new and innovative ways to project each and every project. Remember the AF25 project with the making of the “Second Coming” which was like Nike’s Elite Basketball team. With that, I leave you with the new Hyperdunk commercial.


now that shit is hilarious…

check out W+K whenever you get a chance. Something I learn about on a daily basis…


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