7:03:08…Locolat Cafe.

This was a good day. All I did was work the shop, but it was still a good day non the less. Had the opportunity to have breakfast with Eric and Tiffany at a near by spot called Locolat. This is a spot my manager appreciated the most upon its opening, being that she fiends for chocolate on the daily hahaha.


Belgian native, pastry chef, Niel Piferoen with wife Ada, blessed our block with their establishment Locolat Cafe. For me, its heaven because I cannot eat normal store bought chocolate due to common breakouts. Come to find out, they hand make all of their chocolate to create some of the best tasting chocolate I have ever indulged in. Being that the chocolate is pure and doesn’t have any extra harmful ingredients, I can consume as much as I want with no harmful results.

Ada with the newest memeber to their family. So adorable…

the very TALENTED Niel…for a long time, I thought he was just a construction worker who was doing the build out for Locolat. Come to find out, he is the owner, builder, AND Chef…I take my hat off to this man…

Eric and Tiffany…

my favorite dish.

the carnage.

definately someplace nice to stop by if in the area.

check out their site: Locolat: Belgian Chocolate and Pastries


2 Responses to “7:03:08…Locolat Cafe.”

  1. capokhang Says:

    imma need the address asap.

  2. 1724 Florida Ave NW, suite A Washington 20009
    At California St NW

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