Fresh from Japan, you’ve probably seen the collab they did with Twiggy x Fader Japan, or the Staten Island fitted they did with FRANK 151, or the “Kicks Box” all over print they are imfamous for that was featured on Freshness Mag. Now, they have made there way onto the shelves of my homies over at Shop Gentei, and why am I not suprised. I thought I would be wearing OriginalFake and Stussy for a while but, I think Applebum has made a point to slide into my wardrobe with the few pieces that have dropped at Shop Gentei recently.

My likes…

Love Yone tee.

Liquor Bitch raglan ***my fav***

and this…this is just ill. I feel like this was meant to be. Honestly, this is what sparked why I am even making this post. I was just able to obtain a pair of BRED Jordan retro 1’s (01′) along with the Carmine 6’s (sooo ill). Low and behold, I found something to wear with them.

MJ Ferrari raglan

now who would have thought of that shit? shits ill, in my opinion  of course.

what you guys think?

word to Shop Gentei


3 Responses to “Bonita.”

  1. pwallo and I just jumped on the blog wagon check it out….

  2. brad piff Says:

    I have to agree…them raglans are on point! Damn…I was just in there & didn’t see that shit! smh…

  3. That Shirt iS FIRE!

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