‘Pure Spirit of Brazil’ Competition


Dazed and Confused Magazine is currently running a competition for all talented photographers / graphic artists that can capture the pure essence of Brazil.

Your photos don’t have to be of Brasil itself, but they do have to evoke the Pure Spirit of Brasil – not the Brasil of the tourists’ trail, but the Brasil of street parties, beach football, midnight swimming, or a glass of caipirinha.

We’ll also select one overall winner who will receive £1000 worth of Canon vouchers, with two runners-up getting £500 worth of Canon vouchers. Dazed Digital readers will also have the chance to cast an online vote for their favouriteentry, and the readers’ winner will win £500 worth of Canon vouchers. Both the overall winner and the readers’ winner will have their work published in the October issue.

Competition ends June 30th so submit those images ASAP.

Lupe Fiasco – Where Do I Go (unreleased)


2 Responses to “‘Pure Spirit of Brazil’ Competition”

  1. fat_tony Says:

    fuck real mango juice. why would i wanna drink up when all it does is make my shit orange.

  2. The style of writing is very familiar . Did you write guest posts for other bloggers?

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