This goes to show how “out of the loop” I am from the whole reggae seen, and for quite sometime. I think I hopped off around when Bounty Killa disappeared (at least he did for me lol). I dont know, hip hop was easier to follow. When I liked reggae, it wasnt around nor easy to obtain. STONE LOVE tapes on long trips to Canada for Carribanna back in the mid-late 90s is what I remember. N e who, I dont know how many RMJ fans can relate, but Bounty Killa (my favorite other then Ninja Man) “Look into my Eyes” had a video for one of my favorite tracks??? I have no info on it, but the content of the song fits the content of the video perfectly, taking inserts from various movies, such as Tsotsi, Shottas, and City of God.

this I did see. Def Poetry Jam. for those who cant sort out the words. lol dont front…

yeeahh yeeeaaahhh!!! a big tune dat!!!


One Response to “LOOK INTO MY EYES.”

  1. why have i not seen this video before!??? ahhaahha this song was sick back in the 90’s miss those days!!!!

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