what song is really seeing this song right now??? Like really…one word.


on two levels though…1st.

the content. I mean shit, quiet as kept, I can relate to that shit! On a few occasions. lol (in the past though, im a changed man)

2nd…it is a great track musically. Jam to, dance to, drink to, think to, joke to, smoke to…yeah…one of those Jams. Summertime in the whip joint…


4 Responses to “YOU KNOW WHAT?”

  1. co-signed. takes the confusing world of friends with benefits to a new height. i heard the res joint of this where she sang it as a reference, and i liked it, but this version is surprisingly 30,000 times more crucial.

    yea i’m up @ 5:48 am on sipping on some real mango juice. wzup.

  2. never a dull momment modi. appreciate the support, which is why DCtoBC gets that RMJ stamp of approval! for other reasons as well…

    yeah man, im not even a huge fan of the album, but I can never deny a song that fits me to a t. lol but im not going to get on that, dont want to turn the female readers away lol.

  3. brad piff Says:

    Yes…song is jive-tight! I’d give it 2 piffs!

  4. this album sucks!!

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