to my brother Lamine who has graduated from Brown University in Rhode Island.

proud of you son.

my other family.

again congrats Lamine.


7 Responses to “Congrats.”

  1. emanatlarge Says:

    congrats!! Brown is a good school!! He’ll be making more than you in 5 days !!

  2. lakersrock20901 Says:

    very impressive

  3. Big CONGRATS!!! I still haven’t finished yet. Started in 02′ and been loafin ever since. He better get that paper copied and laminated so he can send it out with his resume.. haha

  4. congrats lamine. thats big.

    looks just like his mom, lol.

  5. congrats man. RI is the place to be.

  6. helloooooooo big brother..lmao (idk y thats funny)

    anyway dirt bag. when I graduate u better have my shit all over this pineapple mango juice shit!

    Thanks. = )

  7. Congrats!! i dont know him but hell!! I didnt finish PG comm College cuz it was too hard so good shit DOG

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