Stussy x Neighborhood x Nike “Boneyard” pt. 1

As most know, many leaks have surfaced regaurding one of the illest collaborations in streetwear that I have witnessed in my short life. The Godfather of streetwear, Stussy, has teamed up with Japanese high end street brand, Neighborhood, to do a COMPLETE collection slated to drop THIS YEAR. I have seen the specs to many of the pieces and wow. Especially the short sleeve boneyard flannel. SOOO copped. Here I present to you Stussy DC’s flyer.

Beinghunted recently did a small piece on the first release of the Boneyard Collection done by Stussy and Neighborhood. Part 1, features the Nike Blazer which is the 1st sneaker of the two classics that are included in the Boneyard collection. The other being a Nike Terminator.

Shits is hot. Dont need to get into detail. I will be keeping everyone up to speed with the collection that has been in the works for the last year and a half. Definitely some ground breaking shit in streetwear.

Oh, and these will be released on the 21st at a select few tier 0 accounts, as well as Stussy Chapter stores ONLY! So yeah Stussy DC will have these…

mark your calenders.

word to BeingHunted 


One Response to “Stussy x Neighborhood x Nike “Boneyard” pt. 1”

  1. Vic Rain Says:

    So what’s the biggest size they gon have in these??

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