Commonweath and 10 Deep: WALE “MIXTAPE ABOUT NOTHING” (DC)

Just got back this morning and was rushing in order to get the goods to the spot.

The crack.

Funny, I was so busy helping out, didnt even get a picture of the homie Wale giving out the tees. For some reason, Rhett thought it was necesary to throw in a pic of his white elk Vsvm FBTs (BASTARD) though.

ELMO!!! for me. chillin outside, inside was DUMB hot.

SORRY to those who werent able to get shirts this time around. They are limited, but Commonwealth will have some available in the following week. The turn out was great and I think alot of people were satisfied with being apart of the event and interacting with one of, if not, the illest up and coming hip hop artist to make it out the city!!!




5 Responses to “Commonweath and 10 Deep: WALE “MIXTAPE ABOUT NOTHING” (DC)”

  1. […] Here’s the DC event at C’MON DC (also from RMJ) […]

  2. […] the heels of the release of the mixtape about nothing the big homie Adrian comes thru with pictures from the Cmonwealth x Wale event as well as pictures from the NY release event. 10 Deep/Wale/Elitaste/Cmonwealth/Catchdubs all did […]

  3. mrdylanmichael Says:

    gd it was sauna-hot in there. It was a chill event though. Good pics on there, diggin the blog.

  4. so they are gonna have more, and how much are they goin for?

  5. they are $40
    they should come with a hard copy of the mixtape, but im not 100 if we even have anymore.

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