NY bound for the day. Jay started the day off right with the mucho mango slam! lol

1st stop. Murakami Exhibit.

I am not going to sit here and tell you I am a hardcore Murakami fan because, im not. I do love his craft. I will say this, if you have a chance to check it out, PLEASE DO! Its nothing like what you catch in books or on the internet. There is a certain intimicy between the viewer and his works thats unexplainable.

The day continued with walks through soho and chillin with the boss. From there…the event.

Nick Catchdubs was killin shit ALL DAMN NIGHT.

Skyzoo is in the building. Bammas dont know I been fucking with dude early.

Daniel Merryweather was looking for a decent drink all night hahaha.

Josh and Tre is all over the place.


Crowd ready?


Wale and Tre doin it.

this dude dont ever show face! haha peace to O and putting me onto cafish tacos (mmmm). I am on the hunt in the DMV for that shit.

Secret location, Black Swan. 10 Deep x Wale: “Mixtape about Nothing” release party. Man, that was a fucking party. I swear when I go to NY, the fucking internet comes to life hahaha. So many fmilar faces to the point where It was cool and creepy at the same time. Its peace meeting people though. Besides the fact that Wale was the main attraction, and being mistaken for Mecca (10 Deep) all damn night (HAHAHA), 10 Deep knows how to throw a fucking party. I had a great time. Wale brought ALOT of energy to the crowd and did a great fucking job. NY SHOWS MAD LOVE for the homie. I peeped homie in the front who knew the words to EVERY SINGLE TRACK Wale performed from the previous mixtape hahaha. Song I dont even know. In conclusion, it was a great night, the homie did his thing. Peace to the 10 Deep crew and all I met. Cant wait for the next event.



  1. the wale party was off the hook!!! and that open bar all night was also off the hook LOL!!!! I’m feeling your site, added you on my Blogroll!!!



  2. that homie in the front may have been me… yes, awesome party indeed.

  3. […] Check out the party coverage in NY at the 10 Deep release party – Real Mango Juice! […]

  4. Yo that shit was a sweat box!! Fun as hell though!

  5. […] nothing the big homie Adrian comes thru with pictures from the Cmonwealth x Wale event as well as pictures from the NY release event. 10 Deep/Wale/Elitaste/Cmonwealth/Catchdubs all did their thing to make each event go down. […]

  6. I so live in the wrong country, Brilliant pics and dan looking for a decent drink??? NEVER… LOL

  7. yyyo,
    Looked like a good turnout. Too bad it was raining in DC. Keep it up though lets put this DMV on the map…really no rapper touchin wale right now not even jockin or joking.

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