A Memorable Memorial Day.

Sorry so late. Wale, his folks, and we decided (last minute) to set up a cookout that turned out pretty damn good. The day was pretty dope, shit even Big-G stopped by the spot (Stussy/Commonwealth) to get really fly real quick.

Now for the event. Alot of people came out and it was definately dope.

Props to 93.9 WKYS for showing love as usual.

Props to Magnificent Mo always holding shit down on the grille. As well as Jay.

I guess Bo allowed Zack to finally snatch a plate.

Props to these strong black beautiful women for coming through.

Goose usually does the trick.

Pour some more Goose. Props to the Best Kept Secret for coming through also.

Props to Tre from UCB bka”Mr. Sexy Lady” for coming through.

How did I know somehow, someway MastaMindDJ was going to get the new ink in a pic..or two.

No homo but the infamous KJJ and WIVAK = trouble for all the single (or not) ladies out there.

Props to Domo for coming through. By the way who said Stussy and Cmonwealth could have both their employees preaching to us about their new txting service! LMAO JK. Much love to Cmon and deff get at them on the txt game. Txt “CMONDC” to “69302” to get all the info you need to be fly. DO IT PEOPLE!

Wale and Kevin Durant. Is it me or do they remind you of young hov and lebron?

Hov x Bron

What did I tell ya’ll about WIVAK?

Props to Lavan (Everyday Pple) coming through .This man always comes clean in a polo and fitted like clockwork!

Dizzy got joints! HAHAHA.

Wale loves the fans…yes Gianne you are a fan (haha. kidding)

4 members of B.A.D KRU in the building or white tee lookin boys in the building?

Question of the day: How can people be bold enough to ask the person who provided the cookout and made everything possible, “How you get a plate before me slim?” CUZ ITS MY COOKOUT PIMP! And yes those LRG CARGO shorts are the shit.

Hungry asses. Food was extra good.

Homie Vernon and the beautiful Aja cooling out.

Time to say bye for the night. (leg up though? lol)

Good times.

Again, Big Thanks to this guy for making all of this possible!


6 Responses to “A Memorable Memorial Day.”

  1. aw.. glad u posted some photo’s

  2. YAY!!!!.. Now i’m gonna be famous.. haha. Good times Indeed!

  3. why do karmin, g, and i all have our heads tilted in the same direction?

  4. ha, we are quite uniformed aren’t we?

  5. JuSoSick Says:

    Thanks for the invite. OWww

  6. wow. that looked crucial. i wish i knew anybody at that cookout so i coulda made the move. do you realize that i have no food in the house? that woulda been breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next day. that’s how nigerians do. utilize.

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