Intro. Kid Cudi.

Every now and then, I get the complaining about how there aint really no new sounds no substance in music these days. South is glorified, raw talent is no longer appreciated (word to the top 10 list), and unless you fit the status quo in appearence and content, you wont blow. Homie Wale said it best when describing the state of hip hop and how you must conform in order to make a hit or even be heard. Dan put me on to this cat (he gets the credit for this post) and posted one of his singles a little while back and I was taken by the “newness” of his music. Dude is ill. I might be a fan…

Kid Cudi trailor ya’ll. (a KID named Cudi Mixtape coming soon)

got some ill shit on the site as well.

Kid Cudi


One Response to “Intro. Kid Cudi.”

  1. Heather Rene' Says:

    the mixtape will be crucial. no doubt.
    and let me just say that those emcees that are not really in the lime light like Cudi are steppin it UP. peep this trailor. this shit is iller than those commercials rappers drop for their albums and this is just a mixtape. good grief

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