Commonwealth is that serious!!!

While working in the store next door, I hear Dominique BUST into the door dying of laughter because some individual decided that it was so urgent to get what he needed from Commonwealth, and was not going to let something as little as a parking space slow him down…so what did he do? created his own parking!!! lmfao

great having a camera phone that takes quality pictures…never know what you’ll see!

be sure to check Commonwealth in the near days. They are getting tons of new S/S08 collections from many brands…I guess dude heard the news first!! LMFAO


3 Responses to “Commonwealth is that serious!!!”

  1. LMAOOO. Who would do that? Did he really need a large stussy tee that bad? lool

  2. SMH.

    Pressed to spend money, eh? lulz

    I think he really JUST wanted to show off his ugly modded range rover… which looks horrible w/ all the extra stuff on it.

  3. Dude goes hard. Lmao. Parking do be blowing me too tho,

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