Doesnt 2 + 2 = 4??

After reading todays paper, its not that simple anymore according to Prince Williams County elementary school students as well as other counties. Plowing through all the presidential and political mumbo jumbo, this issue made front page because apparently, parents and teachers are against this new form of teaching basic math skills. The text book “Investigations in Numbers, Data, and Space” has formulated new ways to solve basic math equations by pushing students to use more creative ways to find answers such as, drawing pictures, using objects, and playing games. Educators who favor this formula say, students are able to gain a deeper understanding in solving math equations and will better prepare them for algebra in the future. Parents and teachers who are against this form of teaching say, “its methods are convoluted and fail to help children master basic math skills and facts.” and  many parents feel powerless over their children’s education, especially in subjects they know. Honestly, math for me was never easy, English and Art (anything that required a source of creativity) were the subjects I excelled in. Im in favor of the more traditional ways of learning math. I am a firm believer of “if it aint broke, dont fix it” and its worked for generations so why change it? The people who have to study more to understand, are going to have to study a lot more being that there are more steps then the traditional ways of teaching. Then again, the traditional way is a bit broad, knowing there are more detailed ways in breaking down problems, so kids may get a better understanding then just the “basics.” Thats just my opinion. The article goes further into detail of these new teaching methods giving examples, as well as the debate over the new textbook and its formulas.

Interesting read, it will definitely effect the generations ahead.

for more, check Washington Post or your local paper carrier.


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