Alot of people think they know what it means to have swag when they have no idea. Im gonna touch on this subject a lot more in the days and months to come.

Me and the homie Wale figured out along time ago, that having swag simply means being comfortable in your own skin.

Not trying to be like anyone else=swag.

Theres a very thin line between cool and fool.

Seen this video on elitaste…and it reminded me that motherfucker Rick Ross has swag for sure. I been known it but it this video further implemented it.

Peep it.


3 Responses to “Swagg?”

  1. ha ha just did something on swag on my blog too!! and you are right my dude!! Swag is all about being the real YOU

  2. camlikestojam Says:

    if swagg means being ‘comfortable in your own skin’, does that mean someone like Kanye has swagg?

    I know that seems like a stupid question, because we have all come to know and love Kanye as something of a taste-maker…but he has gone on record (in interviews, and his own lyrics) saying that he doesn’t feel comfortable in the public eye unless he’s flossing.

    is that true swagg then??

  3. “i get up every morning and just wake up and rub ’em and tell them to come to daddy…”


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