“gold watch” update.

hmmmm…so whats new?

S/S collections seem to be dropping in pieces as of late. Buyers just returning from trips attending trade shows, already awaiting orders to be shipped out. Got the opportunity to check some look books and received dope info from a few friends in regaurds of whats to come. Wish I could share the info (pictures), BUT you have to just wait and see. Believe me, its worth the wait. In the mean time, ill let you in on whats coming soon, whats already out, or what I like.

With growth, comes a sense of maturity. In saying that, my preference of dress has drastically changed over the passed years. Not to the point where I am in suits, Tommy Bahama shirts, and mandals (no offense to those who wear men sandals) lol, but my peers and I tend to look for more a subtle, simple, casual, somewhat technical approach to daily wear. For instance, my homie Rhett for the most part wears wht Vneck tees, homie Ravi all summer was doing AA Henleys, and Dan in his traditional polo crews. Wide range of Premium denim from APC, to KMW, to Samurai, and some footwear. Simple right?

and I digress, I didnt change, nor did I dumb down, im just a bit more complex. Ooooohh the irony. lol

n e who. 1st up.

Original Fake.

There summer lookbook apparently is out. Although this brand has been out for a short time, it has gained much notoriety and success due to the design, quality, and high profile collaborations in previous collections(Nexus7, A Bathing Ape, etc.). This season you can see that the brand decided to create a few tees with Mark Dean Veca. Really nice pieces. Check SlamXHype for a glimpse of the catalogue. Also be sure to check Commonwealth DC/VA if your in the area. They received a few pieces of the S/S collection such as, the tees and the chomper belt. Might have to check them out myself. Not yet on the floor but soon. Gore-tex Pack Light Jacket, Stripe Half Sleeve, and Chomper Belt is what caught my eye. From what I am told, the belt is made of cow leather with the classic Kaws “chomper” design embossed into the leather and comes in 5 colors.

next up.

well wait one second.

My homie Brandon is gonna kill me for this because when we talk about Japanese culture and their take on “street wear” it grows into a debate about the pros and cons. His arguement is that he is against “Japanese streetwear” because of the simple fact, most, if not all of it is based on American past times. So he doesnt see what all the fuss is about nor can you justify the price for any of it. He has a point though, becuase if you read any interviews with any of the Japanese street moguls today, most of them state that much of there inspiration comes from traditional amercian garments. My argument is that, how many companies even produce classic clothing till this day? Polo (huge RRL fan thanks to Brandon)? Yeah, but after that, I cant name to many American based brands that have stuck to the script till this day. In my opinion, they were able to recreate something classic and elegant, something you dont see to much these days. Of all designers, Japanese are really big on detail and qaulity control and that something that is scarse. I am still learning though, there is to much out there I dont know about.

just wanted to put that out there. lol


Very nice collection from Sophnet. There isnt much to say but this is a remarkable collection (imo ofcourse). 3 models.

.Cotton Madras S/S B.D. Shirt

.Line Belt

.Waterproof Taffeta Zipped Blouson

.X-146 Paint Damaged 5 Pocket Short

(not feeling the jacket)

.Coolmax Stretch Sheep Back 3 /4 Pant

.SophnetxVisvim Hockney

Of all Visvim styles, Hockneys might be my favorite. How they were able to redesign the classic boat shoe with updated modifications to comfort and style amazes me because many have tried and failed. They seem to have added a pull tab as well. Sophnet has a really strong lineup this season with some terrefic pieces. If my money right, you may see me in a few. lol check here to view the whole collection Sophnet.

that wraps it up for my interest. Sophnet’s new collection is not the only one that has surfaced, its counterpart F.C.R.B. and said to more dres line between Soph. and Fragment, Uniform Experiment has also released there new line. A.P.C. is looking promising this season as well.

more later.


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