Friday. cool day of work, went by quick and easy. those are the good days, the days I appreciate the most. Being that work took over most of the day, we can fast forward to deciding to see a movie on a friday night. typical event for a typical night. FUCK PAYING FOR THEATRE FOOD!!! so I dont have much time left, and dont really feel like spending money. so, think…10 minutes.

best damn 10 minute meal I ever had. and served its purpose.

decided to keep it simple. quick throw on.

TNF nse : Uniqlo : Lee Gold Label : Visvim (ahhhh fuck it, couldnt help it 🙂 )

on the way to the movies to meet up with some friends, stopped by the verizon store to pick up some clothes for the Voyi (Voyager) lol. i really like this phone, tried the gps system tonight and worked like a charm. this phone is very nice. still need some getting used to. but check this, Keith Haring wallpaper installed in the phone already? well ill be damned, verizon knows their shit. For all those who dont know who he is, google him, you have seen his work EVERYWHERE!!! very iconic artist.

Movie for the night:

why did I agree to see this movie? i dont know…dont get me wrong, there is alot of laughs, but it didnt really grab me as a whole cause it wasnt meant to be a comedy. i def could have waited for the dvd. thats why I titled this blog what it is, cause thats what it reminded me of. smh.

oh well. I was captured by a movie coming soon titled “Jumper” from the creators of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” and “The Bourne Supremecy”

 oh well. back to work tommorow. goodnight.

ps. P.A.T.D. coming soon.


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