Snow day for updates…


beautiful day.

usually, people hate these days but me personally, I like these days. These days help you relax and enjoy a beautiful view. Stay indoors and reflect, maybe expand your knowledge or site of imagination with a good book. Get away from lifes bullshit, or even find ways to sort it out properly. Thats what I use these days for…

day at a glance.

woke up to do laundry bumpin:


Pete Rock “Soul Survivor II” one of the greats…while doing laundry… 

recieved these bad boys in the mail. Visvim G.Line Kiefer Two-tone sz10. People who know me well, know that Visvim is basically one of my favorite (new) brands to date. They have been out for a short while and is a very sought after brand in more so high-end streetwear (japanese). Creator, Hiroki Nakamura, has been able to recreate alot of classic sillouettes in footwear and clothing, modifying it to give consumers a more high end and tasteful product. Paying attention to detail will do you no justice in appreciating what goes on in creating such a product. I am not going to say Visvim is the greatest of all time, but hands down the most consistant. So believe I am extremely happy with this purchase. Visvim takes you on a visual journey from the details of the box to the construction of the shoe.

Something special on a snowy day. Pretty happy about that…in previous post, our contributor Dan pointed out a key piece in everyones wordrobe, “the plain t-shirt.” In saying that, I am trying some new plain tee’s produced and packaged nicely by Uniqlo. Straying away from the usual Polo package tees.

wore one for the day. pretty comfy tees.

moving on. so a good friend of mine let me use her iphone while I wait for my phone to arrive. So I have been playing around with the phone and its pretty cool. The features are dope and very useful. Still not fond of th e key pad being touch, but it works out.


Then another goodie came finally. The Voyager…

update on this later though. Havnt even broke it out the package.

well thats about it. The day will end with The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Green.

then a good movie. Then tommorow brings back life…and im back at work…


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