Flying Cars…finally!

Remember a couple years back when we were all a little younger? We all thought flying cars would happen by the time we were adults. Well at least I know me my bro and my homies did, especially after watching Back to the Future. So a couple years alter here we are and there aint shit close to flying cars! Im upset. I guess my seeds will get the luxury to experience them…or will we?!?
Check out the vid of the Moller Sky Car M200 below:

Those are slated to drop end of this year to early next year. They hover about 10 feet above the ground and go about 100mph.

But in 2010 the actual “flying car” we all dreamed about is set to release. This bad boy can go sky high and reach speeds of up to 2-300 mph. Here is a sample vid below.

I guess technology is finally coming around! If my moneys right, I’m gonna cop one of each. Get some tints/subs/exhaust and ish lmaooo. I wonder if I could add an intake get more hp! LMFAO

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